Gift Bag - Housewarming
Serene Suds

Gift Bag - Housewarming


Need a perfect gift for a housewarming! This gift will be sure to please. Gift bag, tissue paper, blank card, & free Guest Soap included with every order. Ready to go! 

I can ship your gift anywhere in the U.S. (And write a note to accompany it, if you so choose.)

Java (Coffee) soap is great in the kitchen - very scrubby and removes odors. Gardener's soap will scrub that garden off your hands, but never out of your heart. Mechanic's soap has fine pumice stone incorporated for a very fine clean! Serene Scrub has the cleaning power of lemon and the scrubbiness of poppy seeds - add a bit of elbow grease and you have an amazingly fresh clean! And "Heartlight" is Lavender soap - a soothing standby for those busy days of moving into a new home! The recipient of this gift will be thinking loving thoughts of you for months to come - grateful for such a thoughtful and useful gift.

* Products of equal or greater value maybe exchanged at the discretion of Serene Suds.