What products does Serene Suds make?

SOAPS! All natural, all vegetarian, some vegan, all super moisturizing and steeped with peace of mind that there are no toxins soaking into your precious skin. We also make lip balms, body butters, deodorant, shampoo bars, shaving pucks, bath bombs, and bath salts.

What ingredients does Serene Suds use?

Our ingredients are carefully selected for their freshness and quality and purpose. Please see the carefully-spelled-out-in-layman's-terms ingredient list proudly posted on the front label of each soap (and in description of each product online).

Do you wholesale?

We discontinued wholesale at the beginning of 2018.

Where does production take place?

In the busiest spot of the house, of course! All of Serene Suds soaps are cooked in my meticulously clean kitchen. To avoid batch contamination, all soap batch equipment is thoroughly washed in between recipes.  Our living room was converted into the curing room. 6414 Engel Road, Richmond, Virginia - this is where the alchemy happens.

What payment do you take?

Serene Suds accepts all major credit cards. You can pay via PayPal or directly through Shopify. If we are in person, I will accept checks or cash, also.

How do I use your products?

Lavishly! But remember, just because an ingredient is natural, does not mean it is tolerated by each individual. Though it is rare to have allergies to the ingredients in my products, there are some special cases. It is always best to try a new product on a small area of skin and wait for a few hours before rolling in it! (I know - it will be hard to wait.)

I’m a store owner and would love to carry some of your items. How do I get more information?

We are no longer offering wholesale. Thank you.

Shipping Information

We will ship your order within 1-2 business days - Priority Mail so that it is automatically tracked & insured. You’re looking at 1 - 4 days to receive your order after it’s been placed.

What is Tussah Silk?

Tussah silk is a protein produced by the Tussah Silkworm. The addition of silk is responsible for your homemade soap's shiny appearance, slightly increased lather, slippery feel, and general luxurious "silky" feeling. My Vegan soaps do not have Tussah silk - as they do not have honey, milk, eggs, or Lanolin either. Those five ingredients are the only "animal products" that I use.

Why is there sugar in the ingredients?

Sugar in the liquid solution is a natural way to increase lather. I realize that some are very conscious about their sugar intake. Therefore, all of my Vegan soaps are also sugar-free. There are other soaps that do not have sugar, also, as their ingredients already have a high sugar content: all of the honey, wine, milk, & beer soaps fall into this category.

Food additives and dried flowers in soap ... do they cause the soap to go bad?

The short answer is that the ph is too high for mold to grow.
The food additives may oxidize, though - i.e.  strawberry puree may turn brown :)

There is white ash-like powder on top of my soap.

In the soap making world, this is called "ash". Most soap makers call it "soda ash".

There are many scientific theories and explanations for this "ash". The most common belief it is actually microcrystalline powdered soap. Many soap makers go to great lengths to remove the white ash, for aesthetic beauty. Thought I do not encourage its appearance (I also take measures to try to reduce the occurrence of soap ash), I usually just embrace it. Soap Ash is the mark of homemade soap - the highest quality and purest soap you can buy. It washes off with the first use, is harmless, and is sure proof that you have a homemade bar of soap - not manufactured and stripped down 'til it is a detergent - that will strip down your skin - versus nurture it.

Check Order Status

Once your item is shipped you will receive USPS tracking number in your email inbox. 

Why don’t you ship internationally?

Import regulations and labeling laws vary considerably by country, so for now we can only ship within the United States. Please check out our Locations page for retailers that carry Serene Suds products.

Other Questions About Your Order 

If you have any questions regarding your order not already answered on our help page, please contact us at 1-804-306-0179 or, preferably, email Isara at serenesuds@gmail.com. I will answer your question/email in the same day.

Bentonite, Kaolin Clay, or Rose Clay -  Added to help hold scent, also helps avoid a drying soap. Kaolin clay is good for sensitive skin. Bentonite is good for oil skin. Rose clay is a milder form of Kaolin clay - think "mud mask" - soothing to the skin.

Castor Oil - Helps hold scent and gives soap rich lather.

Palm Oil - Is it responsibly sourced? YES! I buy my Palm Oil from Soaper's Choice in Illinois. I buy the organic and sustainable Palm Oil in 50# buckets. I also purchase the Palm Fruit oil which is Red in color and has so many skin-loving benefits. I use this oil in my Turmeric soaps.

Cocoa Butter - Adds wonderful moisturizing qualities to the soap, contributes to a much harder bar. Adds a light chocolate scent if I use the raw cocoa butter versus the deodorized cocoa butter.

Honey - Adds aroma, color, and lather to soap. Also a natural anti-bacterial.

Shea Butter - Adds wonderful moisturizing benefits to the soap. Also contributes to the "texture" -- making a very luxurious bar of soap.