Saponifier, alchemist, mess-maker ... the newest 3-tier hat added to this joyful soul conglomeration. And I just keep juggling those hats 'cause otherwise I would look silly wearing them all at once! 

Bless Mother Earth - rain, seeds, plants, produce ... the children we borrow this Earth from ... for all these I decidedly & delightedly dance in the downpour. 

An avid gardener, the planning of the garden has taken a new turn, as we ask ourselves frequently when considering space limitations, "Well, does it support the soap? If not, does it at least support the Soapmakers?"

I truly subscribe to the fact that we have a moral obligation to our health. Without health, every other facet of our life comes to a skidding stop. Without our health, we have less to give those around us.

And claiming health is not complicated. It is as simple as committing to one new, smart, healthy, & frugal habit each day. I add in "frugal" to the attainment of health because nothing has the power to turn a little family upside down like a hospital bill that seemingly grows overnight into an overwhelming mess. When so many diseases can be avoided, let's start today. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today. (Much to the chagrin of my children, they can say this in two languages!)  Let's start with our body's largest organ: our most precious skin. Let's commit to making sure that whatever is ravenously absorbed by our skin is also pure and natural. 

With a touch of garden, a swirl of art, and a LOT of heart, I make soap. Life is messy in so many forums. Natural soap adds relief in many ways: peace of mind concerning what is touching your skin & entering your body, the pleasure of the silky feel of cleanliness, and aromatherapy's powerful and positive shower of blessings. I promise you a quality made bar of soap with fresh and pure and whole ingredients, infused with a kind and abundant loving energy.

I am committed to creatively providing cleanliness to health conscious souls by honestly & frugally concocting natural & homemade, vegetarian soaps.

And Serene Suds is committed to "cleaning up". Serene Suds frequently delivers a huge box of soaps to Caritas, The Healing Place. Caritas is an non-profit organization that provides recovery resources for homeless men in Richmond. These guys are in my heart, as I cared for many of them as a behavioral health nurse on my night shift. 

I thank you for your kind and faithful support of my bubbly passion!