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Swears of a Soapmaker

2 questions, please: (& thank you for the kind comment on my prose - great word!)

1) Can I still call it a Friday blog if the inspiration only comes through the garden on Monday?

2) Do you need to know natural soap facts on here or are you wanting to know the Soapmaker behind the soap?

Ooops, 3 questions: what does your family swear on? How do you make a promise? I have always said that a word is as good as a promise to my children - and then been the perfect hypocrite and made them promise/swear on Papa's wheelbarrow.

alt = "wheelbarrow promises swearing petunias"

The wheelbarrow was my Dad's. It has holes in the bottom - perfect for planting. The kids know that though I am not much for tangible items (always on the way to my after-40 goal of getting to a tiny house) ... but that I will use something to its useful end. The wheelbarrow is the only memorial I have to my Dad. I have inside things - but not something outside, that stands the test of time & weather. I am not one to have a grave stone. I am not much for cultural norms. For matters of the heart, I am going to do what sits right in my soul.

Skirting a long story, the wheelbarrow is the symbol I chose to remind my family of my Dad. The young ones never met him. Stefano knew him at age 3. The wheelbarrow is past its days of being able to effectively carry things. Yes, my Argentinean husband could fix and weld it, but he is always fixing something. The wheelbarrow serves a wonderful purpose as a planter. The petunias that are in it have come back for 5 or 6 years. No maintenance required (just like the truth)! Virginia climate is so yummy and plant-friendly. The wheelbarrow just sits there and sports the Petunias. That is it.

Oh, and it serves as the icon for our family's promises - the ones where you are looking deep in the soul eyes of the other person and asking for a bit more confirmation on the currently tabled agreement. The wheelbarrow seals in a bit more necessary trust - that absolute seed of life when it comes to a relationship.

"Swear on Papa's wheelbarrow." Each one of us says it and each one of us responds with absolute solemn promise.

I don't know much of my Dad. Certainly not enough. But I know he stood for hard work, kindness, and responsibility. The wheelbarrow stands for those life vitals. My children need to know these core necessities.

I thought you should know what the soapmaker and her family swears on.

I wish you peace & health - as always.

Much love,


P.S. The calendula is blooming! Calendula-infused olive oil is such a gentle and comforting aroma. I am so thankful for the earth and its inhabitants and all the seeds (seeds of plants and the seeds of kind human acts that grow and spread vivaciously).

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