Soapy Blog - Sounds Messy!


It makes me crazy happy to be able to say that I have my own homemade Quark in my cheese array. This soapmaker really needs a goat :)

Today's blog ... (I quit for a bit. I was wondering if I wanted to have a personal window on my website. Not all hearts are good.)

But I enjoy so many things that I can find a million and a half things to write in small bites each day ... a million and a half things I am grateful for or that make me happy and thus I am grateful.

So this is my thank you journal ...

And ... 'cause I never have just one theme in anything ... it is my daily proof that the soapmaker is a farmer, too (or the farmer is a soapmaker).

I was going to put a picture of the quark here ... and I still might ... I love that food is an art and dance between energetic sustenance and emotional bliss ...

But today's proof comes in the form of a text from a dear friend. She said, "You have a city farm." I couldn't wait 'til tomorrow to put this as proof #2 ... because it was so beautifully validating on Day 1.

Quark picture ... quark sprinkled with Pink Himalayan salt & drizzled with molasses ... surrounded by pumpkin seeds, a date, a piece of candied ginger, a piece of dark chocolate, figs, cranberries, & gin-soaked raisins. My kind of meal ...  :)


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