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Fascinated with this ...

alt = "bean liquid vegan mallow fluff"Did you know this is what happens to bean liquid when you whip it? Amazing. I am mesmerized. I finally have an EASY alternative to marshmallows! From what I understand, the protein in the bean liquid mimics the protein in eggs. It whips up in about 11 minutes ... you can flavor it with vanilla and almond and add coffee granules and cocoa, a tad of sugar, some cream of tartar to help stabilize it ... whatever you want! It is thick and airy and delicious! 
alt = "bean liquid vegan mallow fluff"alt = "vegan bean liquid chocolate marshmallow mesmerized baking frugal"
And then ... frugal me who craves lifestyle hacks from other cultures learned this! Ariel's Mexican friend was in the kitchen when I was whipping up this delight. I was practically dancing around the kitchen. Marshmallow fluff was too fancy for his liking, but he told me of another use for the bean liquid (besides just saving it for soup stock like I am accustomed). He said that the women in his life have always used the bean liquid for a baby's first food/cereal when they are ready to veer away from only breastmilk and need some more nourishment. They add some crumbled tortillas to the liquid until it is the consistency of what we know as baby rice cereal - and there you have it! A baby's first food. As free as it gets and chock full of protein!
Marshmallow fluff that I can finally eat! Babies! Frugalness! Marshmallows IN chocolate! Latino culture. Being in the kitchen. These are a few of my favorite things ... 
Peace & health to you all week long.
And much love,

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