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Caring for Your Natural Soap

Bowing to the fact that this is going to be another crazy busy week no matter how I try to prioritize, this blog is going to highlight the instructions that I include with each soap purchase. I am passionate about soap education and this week I need to be efficient about it!

"Your all-natural, handmade soap can outlast store bought soap with minimal attention from you. Store your soap in a dry location when not in use – away from sunlight & direct streams of water.

Using a natural soap dish that drains will significantly increase the life of your soap. (A Serene Suds Cedar Deck is the perfect accompaniment to natural soap due to the natural anti-bacterial & anti-mildew properties of cedar.)

Many folks cut new soap in half.  (Use one half every other day to increase soap life.) Store extra soap in linens to do double duty – lovely aromas to your linens/clothes while continuing the curing process. If your soap arrives wrapped in plastic, it is just to separate scents during shipping. Please leave soap open to the air or in a porous wrapping (brown paper is perfect!)."

And a few extra soapy suds:

- Serene Suds' Soaps are cured a minimum of 6 weeks. Curing increases hardness and thus, lengthens the life of your bar. It's a frugal thing!

- I do not wish to grapple with the FDA, so I cannot claim that my soaps do anything except "clean". That being said, herbs are rich with historical tradition and lore pertaining to their diverse uses. Committing to the natural is certainly at the foundation of good health.

Alright, that is all for this busy week. I'll skid to a stop and say "hello" towards the end of the week ... as I get to closer to my goal of "Stop glorifying being busy". I am a hypocrite for now - but happily lauding my current level of productivity is quite motivating. And I need a boost of energy to complete the necessaries of this month.

Look what is on the shelf above my kitchen sink.

You'll notice my beloved Molcajete in the background. There is 1 of the 4 & 20 black birds that is not currently baked in a pie (sigh - I LOVE pie for breakfast!). A touch of origami - a hen. Flower art that boasts Nik's four-year-old smile. And the tiny easel quietly states, "Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone." (Lin Yutang)  

Yes, hypocrite - but admittedly & with a goal. 

'Til next week - peace & health - quite sincerely,




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