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Soap Mountain

This soap maker has a dream - a plan - 
Once the last of the teenagers is to that point that they think they are too busy for Mom ...
I am moving to the country ...
So, on a five year plan, I am cleaning out ... downsizing ... 
A lot said for a saver ...
These are the icecream cups and spoons from my children's free birthday icecream for many years!
So now they have seeds in them ... aren't they adorable?
And I just found this most amazing tip ... it is perfect for watering delicate seeds!
"Just upcycle your old plastic milk jug by heating up a needle and poking holes in the lid so water can flow through." (
Yay Saving! Yay My Soap Mountain! Yay (non-GMO) Seeds!
As always, I wish you peace 'til next Friday - no worries. I'll wish you peace again for the next week, too! I am committed to this!

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