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Positively Natural - a fun soap to make - & think about ...

This soap is made by pouring one batch of soap with "holes" in it one day. Then the next day I fill the negative space with a funnel-pour soaping technique. Vegan. No toxins. All natural. Beautiful. Hence, the name, "Positively Natural". Could easily be named "Positively Delightful!"

But this soap is beyond skin-deep (really, no pun intended). There was a lot of thought that went into this soap.

Essentially, I was making a loaf of soap with holes that equaled negative space. Hmmmm ... what do we do with the negative space in our lives? Haphazardly filling the void might backfire. We better be sure we are purposefully filling space with items that are pure & useful/substantial.

So what was I going to fill the holes in my Rosemary soap with?

Color, of course! The Puerto Rican in me just can't live without color. I don't do brown, because, well, I am brown. I love the skin I am in - but between that and my precious Mother Earth dirt and bark on the trees and all the other naturally occurring amazing browns (oh, yeah, chocolate deserves a mention) ... you are not going to find me purposely coloring anything BROWN! And I once read that the only thing corporate America agrees on is Beige. BORING! Earth tones? You want earth tones? Then go outside! 

Back from my color rant ... Anything handmade needs color. Just my thought ... 

There are amazing eye-pleasing colors produced in a lab nowadays. But they sure are not skin-pleasing. So where do I go for color? Turmeric, Alkanet Root, Indigo, Dandelion, Basil, Peppermint, Spirulina, Clays - oh I love clays! Think of a mud bath or mud mask! They are a thing for a reason! ... clay is SO soothing! And there is Pink Rose Clay and Cambrian Blue clay and Brazilian Red Clay and Green Sea Clay ... oh, who said dirt is brown?

So, I have the soap loaf of holes. And then I made a second batch - and here is when I got in a rhythm. I realized that I could use the "holes"/soap from the second batch to fill the negative space in the first loaf!!! How many days and batches could I keep this up before nightshift took its toll? (Yes, Soapmaker by day, Nurse by night ... sigh ...)

I'll tell you. Three! For three days I worked on filling the negative space I made in my soap loaves (am I responsible for the negative spaces in my life, too? Yes, definitely - especially if I didn't get busy filling them with kind words, meaningful thoughts, secret givings, and pure intention). I am all about responsibility. And my children can say, in two languages, much to their chagrin, "Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today." Soap makes that mantra and commitment easy - if you wait too long, you might have a tough time un molding and cutting it!

I poured the soap into the holes using a funnel technique - pouring each of four different colors through a funnel for exactly three seconds each - and letting them puddle out into their own design.

Pure soap. No toxins. Pure lives. Fill the negative space! Surprise someone with a kindness, make something with your hands, write a good old-fashioned letter and seal it with a kiss, meditate, reflect, plan, dream, clean, build, walk, run, go soak up some sun! Ahhh ... it is so easy to list the positives. Dump them into those negative spaces. They will fill up fast ... I always ended up with more color than I had space! (Extra is guest soaps for the homeless overnight shelter ... they deserve silky, smooth, pure soap, too - infused with my prayers for a better life for them.) Your positive actions will overrun the negatives, too. Of this, I am sure.

Hopefully the pictures show you my process. Hopefully my words show you my intentions - and I do NOT believe the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I'll leave that for another blog!

Peace to you all. Always.


How it started out - frugal me - using toilet paper rolls to make the holes! 

PVC pipes for the negative holes - much better! 

One batch's holes is another batch's positive color circles! I am sure there is a pun or sage wisdom somewhere in there - more than "one man's junk is another man's treasure"!

If you cut it in the traditional vertical manner, this is how the bars look. Nice. But I wanted circles! So I cut these bars horizontally.

Positively Natural. Positively Fun. Positively Colorful. Circles and circles of clean fun!


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