Soapy Blog - Sounds Messy!


It was a blustery but sunny Saturdaymorning (February 6th - Happy Birthday to my Dad!). I bundled up, donned my newest crocheted hat, and set off on my daily walk with purpose. I had a soap test to pass! Our local library will proctor an exam for ten dollars! I found a quarter on the way, noted where all the aluminum cans were for the next walk (forgot a Walmart bag), and practically ran to take that test! This was the most excited I have probably ever been about test taking! The librarian apologized that he didn't have a quiet spot. Hmmmm? I guess with three children, I probably wouldn't know what to do in a quiet spot. I think best on my feet!
All that to say ... I am a certified soapmaker now! (Passed with 100% - yes, there was algebra in there!) My point in doing this? Why would I certify what I am sure I already know? I wanted to make it official - sort of like marrying my soap! I promise to you, 'til death do we part, for richer or for poorer, in sickness (no way! Take elderberry! Use natural soap! Walk! De-stress! Get sun!) & in health - that I will make you the most natural, purest, best-quality soap possible. And as always, it will definitely have that touch of garden, a swirl of art, and a whole lot of this certified soapmaker's heart!
Peace & health to you all!

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