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Soaps are a Superb Gift!

Soap making in the Serene household was birthed to eliminate toxins from our home. But we quickly figured out that soap was pretty much the perfect gift. For the last twenty years, I have been on a mission to give serviceable gifts.

I am all about simplifying so that we have time to do more things, versus using our time to take care of our things. I want to gift others with items that are useful, beneficial, healthy, and pleasurable.

Natural Soap is the gift that keeps on giving – for weeks and even months (for that really awesomely cured bar of soap!) (The more soap cures the more use you get out of it. I cure all of my soaps at least six weeks. It is a frugal thing. As the soap cures, it hardens, and you get more bubbles and lather for longer. A bar of soap that is cured a year is a thing of beauty. It lasts and lasts. The ounces decrease slightly, but the latherability and bubbles increase. So, I cure my soaps a long time, rotate stock, and make sure to swirl in art – with the thought that the soap will be sitting on the back of the sink for quite a while.)

My soap art is not skin deep! (Oh, I could take that one and run with it! Skin is our largest organ and greedily absorbs whatever comes in contact with it! In our daily quest for health, it is crucial that we remember this and care for our skin with strictly natural products. But I digress back to the art, that no-calorie-awesome-food for the soul!) The swirls of naturally inspired colors (herbs, salts, clays, oils, etc.) are incorporated through the whole bar of soap. So the soap’s shape changes with use, but the colors and design keep right on looking pretty to the last bubble!

Too pretty to use? I have two answers to that comment. First off, I tried to make ugly and I just cannot. Secondly, I don’t see the “too pretty” factor stopping you from inhaling a plate of food! At least the soap is “sittin’ pretty” through many, many uses! “Pretty” and art make this world pleasurable. Washing is a daily and often hourly chore. It can be pretty mundane to sing “Happy Birthday” twice every time you wash your hands. Or it can be quite pleasurable if you are using natural soap. You get the benefits of aromatherapy. Your skin is conditioned with the naturally occurring glycerin that is produced in soap making (versus being stripped like most soaps, that are actually detergents, will do.) And you can use the moment to be purposeful – say a prayer, set an intention, breathe deep, reconnect.

Natural Soap is a thoughtful gift. The recipient is thinking loving thoughts of you for the next month or more – while doing a necessary and daily chore! You are giving the gift of peace of mind with the assurance that you are not adding in any toxins to the recipient’s personal environment. (Did you know that most of our exposure to cancer-causing toxins comes from our personal care products and household cleaning products?)

Serene Suds is especially passionate about soap and hand washing. No other method single handedly prevents as much disease as the simple act of hand washing. But we have many other natural products to help you in your gift giving. Our Body Butter is a great way to “spread the love” – intense moisturizing and all natural with the aromatherapy second to none. Our super moisturizing lip balms are sugar-free - so no lip smacking to counteract the conditioning. And we make bath bombs for a fizzy and fun well-deserved break – relaxing, skin conditioning, & detoxifying.

I wish you all a peaceful year – full of health and lots of purposeful hand washing!


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