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Loofahs - the lovely Loofah.

Homegrown in my backyard,
Tangling themselves amongst the chain link fence,
With yellow flowers askew.
Feminine flowers in timid recluse;
Males on stems so high and proud.
The bees are proudly showcasing their
baby-making ability.
Fruits of endless use,
So much deeper than the skin,
These loofahs, our muse –
Our Mother Earth tangibility.
Shouldst we achieve mirroring of this thick-skinned nature wonder,
(Inside parts so rich and fibrous, ready to stand the test of time …)
Here we would gain soul wisdom.
The seeds, so numerous,
Roots growing where it is dim,
Lighting a future harvest without end.
To clean is to glean godliness,
A deeper view,
A curing,
An old mantra revealing
The rooted.

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