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The Birth of Serene Suds …

Serene Suds was born on January 1, 2014. And, oh, how we love our babies! 

Seeking to rid our home of toxins and searching for relief for the ailments of my children started me on the journey to make our own household cleaners. Citrus rinds, vinegar, anyone? Also, I grew a ton of loofahs in the garden for Solstice  and was thinking I needed to learn to make soap to complete the gift! (We aim to grow our soap-making herbs in our back yard, too!) So I started studying. Months and months of research and planning gained me the confidence to try that first batch of soap, and soap bubbles float through every thought and day since.

"All natural and homemade, vegetarian soaps with a touch of garden & a lot of heart" quickly got a "swirl of art" thrown in the mix. Making the mundane into art is my balm for the daily routine. Fun and frugal items to support the chore of cleaning were added to our repertoire: hand-crocheted cotton soap saver bags, cupcake soaps, lip balms, deodorants, & bath bombs. Shampoo bars and guest soaps (great for travel – especially when the airline wants you to toss your liquid personal care products!) quickly came into play. 

Staunchly sticking to the natural theme, my soaps highlight the subtle, & amazing scents of nature: beeswax, honey, creamy & rich oils, herbs, fruits, flowers, & ... chocolate! All of our packaging is recyclable, reusable, compostable, or a combination thereof!

This is a small, kitchen business that has organized itself in the office & living room, too! No one complains! We love the soap! We are the recipients of the amazing aroma therapy! I am a frugal artist at heart, mixing in the business part reluctantly - like oil and water. The soap making is my lye ... making an emulsion of artist and entrepreneur. The beauty of nursing (psychiatric nursing being my first profession) is that it encompasses a spectrum (not unlike the humans we love and care for). So soap is just another stop on that stretch of specialties: utilizing chemistry and alchemy to reach and comfort skin and souls! The aromatherapy keeps us all sane in our journey to be frugally sustainable.

Thank you for your support of my bubbly passion!

All, with much love,


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