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The Spanish in the Soap - in the Soapmaker

A while back I posted this on my online Farmer's Market news page, Fall Line Farms & Local Roots. 

I am writing to you to explain the changes in our labels and soap names. We are changing the names to be in compliance with the FDA's requirements. The FDA does not want an ingredient of a soap to be in the soap name. Their theory is that it can be misleading. (If you purchase a soap that is called Shea Butter soap and you look on the back and Shea Butter is only 3% of the total ingredients, is it really Shea Butter soap?) In the interest of compliance and transparency, we are in the process of changing all of our labels. The alchemist in me wants to be in the kitchen! Business has me glued to my label program again!

We HAVE embraced the obvious fun side of this task and are touching on a theme here and there. We are long time Neil Diamond lovers, so you may notice the names of his songs are being used as many Soap Titles. Under the main name, you will find a more pertinent description in order to identify your favorite soap, i.e. HEARTLIGHT "Natural Soap made with Lavender".

I hope you find this process fun and not frustrating. Please be patient with me as I update all of the photos & labels. I assure you that the soap ingredients are the same and that if something is changed in that department, I update the description immediately.

So I ran out of Neil Diamond titles I wanted ... can you imagine? ... started in on a new theme 'cause I am the queen of themes. Things have to fit you know?

I wanted to address the Spanish names that are popping up in the titles of new soaps.

Spanish is not my first language. I always wanted to speak it and was left in grave frustration and heartbreak when someone would approach me speaking in Spanish, and I could not reply in the same. I wanted to speak that pretty language. I so wanted to understand. Working in Endoscopy with a 6'6" doctor who liked to have the stretcher hiked all the way up after the patient was already consciously sedated (the patient still can respond to your touch and verbal command) was the catalyst I needed to start speaking. I couldn't get my Spanish-speaking patients to roll over on their left hand side for the procedure! 

So that was the first thing I learned, "Please turn on your left hand side." ("Por favor, dar vuelta a mano izquierda".) It worked! People were rolling left and right ... o.k. ... to the left. But I was so amazingly pleased that I ran to the recovery room to translate the names of juices to offer them in recovery! (& secretly thank them for rolling over on their own!).

And the Spanish grew. I immersed myself. I changed my phone to Spanish, the ATM, my email ... I only read Spanish books and watched Spanish movies. I only listened to Spanish music (great way to learn a language, by the way - get a catchy tune stuck in your head that you like so much you want to know what they are saying - then translate it. Life is easy, today, with the internet. The refrain will be repeated, as refrains are. You have the natural repetition required to learn a language and you will learn creative vocabulary!) I broke my rule of only singing in the shower, car, & to babies & psych patients and had songs to sing to my Spanish patients! 

I also only cooked in Spanish (maybe a bit dangerous), thanks to the Kraft Comida y Familia (Food & Family) magazine.  Suddenly I had a cooking and food vocabulary! You see how it snowballs? You only need 500 words to be conversational in a language. One a day for year gives you more than half of that!

Once you start, you are always learning. Words, yes - but more than that - you are learning a new perspective, a new way to think. You will always be a student of the language, as you hopefully are of your mother tongue. 

I love the flavor of Spanish on my tongue. 

The beauty of Spanish lies in its simplicity.

Being a rule follower by nature, I love Spanish's adherence to the rules: one page of exceptions versus the chaotic, albeit, express-whatever-you-want-&-fast, language of English.

Here are some fun contrasts in thinking:

English - Lady Bug; Spanish - Little cow of luck.

English - in labor (giving birth); Spanish - Giving light.

Sage - we all know this is a person seeking wisdom. Well, in Spanish it is just that "Wisdom" - Sabio. Simple Wisdom.

To come full circle, I started adding in Spanish names to my soap titles. I suppose I am always in an effort to educate those around me - why not learn a few Spanish words? As my heart & soul & passion is embedded in your soap, I would be amiss to not include my love for Spanish. Yes ... I have been called a "coconut" - and I giggle uncontrollably. I am white on the inside and brown on the outside. But I rather like being the girl without a country. It allows me an intense interest in every culture that I come in contact with (thank you VCU for expanding this opportunity ten fold!). Then, I get the pleasurable task of picking my favorite soul-pleasing things from each culture to adapt as my own. I am a hodgepodge. A mutt. A mix. A solution. A concoction. I am deliriously happy.

My happiness comes through in your soap. Enjoy the Spanish names. I'll pick easy & pertinent ones, I promise! 

You already support my bubbly passion of soap. I have MANY passions! I wanted you to understand the Spanish in the Soapmaker.

Much love.

Peace out.







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Jun 03, 2016

I so love this and you ! Carry on my friend


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