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I have three instances of the proverbial action of Saxifrage in my front garden -

the foyer to my abode.

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My dear friend first introduced me to the tenacity of Saxifrage on a memorable walk in Buttermilk Falls, a path that winds around the James River in downtown Richmond. Legend says that the local folks stored their buttermilk and butter in the cool waters of the James along this trail.

Saxifrage, by definition, is any plant of the genus Saxifraga, certain species of which grow wild in the clefts of rocks.

Other telling names for Saxifrage are "Breakstone" and "Rockfoil".

William Carlos Williams (The Wedge, 1944) said,

"Saxifrage is my flower that splits the rocks."

Saxifrage has become a noun or sometimes an adjective to me - describing the gumption of a being to live.

Saxifrage's tenacity for life has always been a loud advisory from nature to me. I have always been fascinated by plants that made their home in sidewalk cracks and brick walls. Are they setting up an against-the-mainstream residence (how dare we try to be like the Johnson's)? Or are they clinging tenaciously to something solid?

What is the solid that I cling to?

And where do I direct my tenacity daily?

I know am a tenacious soul. I tell my free-thinking, idea-exploring, trying-to-stake-their-claim teenagers that I am more stubborn than they will ever imagine on my core important rules. I insist on being hard-working, respectful, & kind. I encourage intuition, creativity, & soul growth. I strive to surround myself with these qualities and I encourage these attributes in my children. But I choose my battles in accordance with the soul need that is in front of me.

The person in front of me gets to choose the rock they need to split. And what do they need from me in order to help or ease their endeavor?

Does that person need a helping hand/elbow grease? Do they need a patient ear? Do they need a kindly placed word? Do they need a spontaneous surprise (soap ... Goodness, how I love surprising someone with some useful, so good soap!) Is it a child that is looking for guidance? Is it a patient who needs encouragement? Daily I remind myself to choose my words carefully while they are young - because adults are nigh on impossible to fix.

And the solid? My solid is an oxymoron - to emulate water: flowing, powerful, profound, unafraid, balanced, nourishing, still, pure. As I strive to mirror the magical attributes of water, I find a quiet solidity.

So whether it be tenacity to cling to a rock's crevice - and even split it & introduce a seed or spore to adorn the crack ...

Or tenacity to do good daily.

Or tenacity to self-love daily.

Or tenacity to let go of pain - daily.

Or tenacity to re-seed.

Or tenacity to rejoice.

Embrace tenacity today - just like the Saxifrage. And use Saxifrage as a noun of personal tenacity - not just a rock foiling, stone-breaking plant! 

Peace & health & natural soap to you, because life is messy.

And lots of heart.


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Jun 24, 2016

I am always amazed by those plants that grow through rocks. Just like I am amazed by those people who thrive not just survive in harsh conditions.


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