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Preface: I like to write. The suggestion to blog once a week to impress the nebulous SEO gods has been a blessing - because it is a forced permission to write again - something I love.

I suppose there are many others who write to their doctors. I don't know. But I am busy and he is busy and out of respect to his time, I typed a fast note. I had been seeing him up to three times a week these past months and I haven't gone for 10 days and I really needed him to know what was happening - and to thank him.

I don't generally go to a primary care physician unless my insurance pays me to go. So this letter is to my chiropractor. I was born into a culture of chiropractors where the women took their day-old infants for skull adjustments post the trauma of birth. We went to the chiropractor for colds - to have them "whacked out of you". And I continue to use the chiropractor for my health and the health of my family. If your spinal column is not aligned, then all your nerves are screaming, inflammation sets in, and your body's own amazing ability to heal itself is considerably stunted.

This letter is on the personal side of things: allowing you a glimpse into my non-blog life. Blogging on a subject like "soap" can skew the reader into believing that the writer's life is also 1 or 2 dimensional. Yet, we all know to be cautious about any suppositions about another's life. We are not walking in their orthotic-equipped shoes.

I chose to give this letter to you as this week's blog for yet another reason - in the sincere hope that its information may help someone who is suffering in pain and ready to take that fire-breathing-bull-of-a-message (pain) by the horns.

May 18, 2016

Dear Dr. Wild,

I don’t know how many of your patients write to you … but I know you are crazy busy and I want to hand this to you when you care for Eli at 1645.

Aphrodite* fit Eli* in for just a few minutes, and I know you can help him in that time frame.

Aphrodite is such perfect etiquette and kindness. She is a real asset to the milieu you create.

Thank you for caring for Eli.


It seems that everywhere I turned for help was telling me to help myself. Granted, I am very cautious about where I turn. I have followed your instructions. I have been faithfully conscientious of the food I take in. I have not stopped walking and doing the stairs because I could and because I knew it was imperative to not stop moving. I considered the decompression therapy. I made an appointment with a PCP (haven’t been to one in 3.5 years) to get the Corticosteroid script (we talked about this - and decided to "have it" - and err on the side of letting it expire and saving those precious kidneys). Then you told me about Pete Egoscue. I ordered it that Friday evening. delivered it Sunday evening. (Who knew?) I began the first set of exercises the next Monday (5/9) morning. I cried getting on the floor and in the positions. Ariel helped me and found furniture around the house to assist in the positions. He read the paragraphs to me (English practice that night was saving his wife’s life). We set the timer. I could not maintain positions in the suggested time frames – even if they were 60 second poses. I was so ashamed that I had gotten to this point. The shame motivated me. (Not the proverbial Jewish or Catholic shame! ... the shame that I had shirked my moral obligation to my own health.)

(I have not missed a day since that Monday - so I am 10 days into the practice. This Pete Egoscue method is saving my life. If there is some way for me to fix me, then only I am responsible. I have to make this right so that I can take care of my family. I got to a very dark place from whence it was emergent that I leave and find light. My happiness is very highly correlated to my productivity. Productivity to me largely surrounds growing my children and growing our food and medicine. The only thing that slows me down is back pain. And I am so unhappy in that slow and dark state.)

My pain is HALF of what it was. Two nights ago I slept through the night for the first time since February. After 1 week of e-cises, I started Yoga with Adriene - specifically for lower back pain. It is so slow and simple and deep ... and just what I need. I got into a child's pose for the first time today. I cried at "Namaste".

Thank you for your kind care and constant teaching. Thank you for suggesting this book. Thank you for helping so many. As I care for my patients and watch them accepting lives of paralysis and pain, I am so very grateful for the ability to heal myself.

Pete Egoscue suggests doing this regimen daily until the pain abates for 48 hours, and then continuing the menu for 10 more days before switching to the overall conditioning program in chapter 13. So that is exactly what I am doing. I have not been pain free, yet. But that is coming.

I’ll go to the PCP on the 23rd because insurance wants me to and while I am there, I will ask for a corticosteroid script. (That was an answer, too – when I couldn’t get it with her fast … and she is the only one that I personally have found who completely supports me and my Elderberry ways.)

So I’ll come to “get straight” or “stay straight” soon … but I wanted to let you know what I am doing – and how I am doing.

Fish oil, Turmeric, sprouts (broccoli, lentil, mung, alfalfa), coconut & hemp seed oil, avocados (love these babies), eggs (the chickens ARE my babies!), Egoscue, walking, Yoga, sun, water, internal locus of control, Peppermint oil, Castor oil, Lavender oil, counting blessings, breathing, learning to ask for help, learning to stop when my body says stop, back brace at times … your adjustments – this is the regimen.

I wish you & yours a peaceful & healthy May …

I’ll see you soon … 



*Names changed except for Dr. Wild, Pete Egoscue, & Ariel.

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