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Quality Control & Handwashing

This past week I learned a very grave lesson: I need to do quality control checks on my website! A very kind person emailed me to let me know that my "Add to Cart" button wasn't working. Admittedly, I don't have very much traffic yet. But, jeepers! I want the shopping experience on my site to be EASY and seamless. A small business owner cannot afford a snafu like this!

Another very kind-intending person had tried to help me tweak some HTML code (behind the scenes website boss) and accidentally disabled my "add to cart" button. And I didn't know it for almost a week!

So ... another spreadsheet/check off list is born. And why not? We test the defibrillator and glucometer and a myriad of other things at work every night shift ... maybe my soap doesn't save lives ... but if hand washing is the number one way to prevent disease (even in the midst of all of our high falutin scientific so called MODERN ways), then SOAP may just be a life or death issue.

(Alright, Mr. FDA, I am not claiming any healing here ... just old-fashioned cleaning.) I admit & applaud & coach: the effectiveness of hand washing is null & void without the friction act that rubs the bacteria and viruses off. But soap helps. Soap molecules attach themselves to the dirt and grease that are on your hands and those dirty molecules get rinsed or rubbed off into the water. Natural soap makes sure that your hands are being moisturized with the naturally-produced glycerin, versus being stripped dry like most commercial soaps will surely do. The essential oils in my soaps give you a moment of much needed aromatherapy while doing a necessary and daily (hourly x 20 if you are a nurse?) chore.

I am one of those who blesses Mother Earth daily and wonders why we call Her "alternative medicine" when really She is the first and original and best attempt & success at healing. Is it really living if our bodies are so dragged down? It is sure hard to live with disease and illness and pain - that is a definite. The suffering of the chronically ill is like this high, shrill, absolutely desperate cry. I hear it all the time. I am not sure how many years I can do nursing. I am so heart-on-sleeve. I do not become hard. I feel the pain of my patients every moment - in work and out. Sixteen years later I am still disgusted because I can't do so many things for my patients. Time constraints. Professional constraints. Ethical constraints. Human constraints. 

We have a moral obligation to our health. Our daily habits are a large component in deciding whether we will suffer from chronic illness down the road. We have to try as hard as we possibly can to fuel our bodies with clean food in moderation. We have to try to limit our toxins in this chemically-ridden world.

And we have to wash our hands.

I drive my family nuts. I know I do. The moment they come in the door, I have the water flipped on for them to wash their hands. (Do you think they do it when I am not here?) I hope. And I hope they will instill this simple act into the routines of their own homes some day. You don't have to sing Happy Birthday twice. You can practice a poem, compose your Wal-mart list, say "thank you" for 15 things, say a Mantra - just breathe - in & out - and stop the crazy busyness for a moment. But scrub those hands.

Recent studies say we miss the thumb area the most in our natural and usual manner of rubbing our hands together. So focus on the thumb and the amazing job it does and lather that baby up!

Love you all - I want you all to be healthy. I truly do.


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