Soapy Blog - Sounds Messy!

Compost, of course! (Compost makes a farmer!)

Yes, I am showing you a picture of my compost! I LOVE to compost! We are returning the exact nutrients that the Earth needs ... right back to Her! No other fertilizer needed, according to George Washington Carver ... and I bow to him. Gardening is a big part of our soap making ... we aim to grow the herbs that we infuse into our soapmaking oils. We also grow as much food as we can to feed the soapmaker and her family!

alt = "compost crock coffee grounds sweet potato"


Farmer - Fermenting Fabulously ...

Yesterday's Ferment? The Jewels? Do you remember? ... Look what I did with that treasure of a brine? GG (Grandma Google) has a wealth of information on how not to waste your brine from fermenting ... but this has got to the be prettiest, tastiest way to use brine from red cabbage and beets ... soak eggs in the brine!

The chickens made the farmer ... I think they were the catalyst, at least. Before them, I was just an artsy gardener ...

 = "buddha fresh eggs fermented red beet eggs canning jar egg dish"

So, now, to "paint" fresh eggs in this spectacular way! I am swooning!

Peaceful and healthy day to all of you ... ferment something! Soak something! Go get a warm egg out from under a hen! Plant a seed! Touch the earth! At least look up and marvel at the sky!